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I recently had a client ask, "So I've heard every public speaker has a style. What do you think is my style?" This has come up several times in my career coaching public speaking and I always have the same answer... "Public speakers don't have 'styles', people have personalities." What separates the good from the bad in public speaking? One key difference is that the best are able to show pieces of themselves and their personalities in their presentations. Audiences connect with vulnerability, passion, anger, whatever it is that is going on with the speaker while they are up delivering their speech. This is what becomes their "style".

Think about the most passionate speakers you can think of from history. Martin Luther King Jr. maybe? He spoke so animatedly and so passionately because that's how he lived his life, it was his personality and his belief in the things he was saying that made up his style. Now think of more calculated speakers from history. Barack Obama let's say. He has a very calculated, intellectual and convincing way of speaking. That is because he is very calculated and intellectual in his life. He connects these traits that help define who he is to his speeches, and that makes up his style of speaking. Is one style any better or more effective than the other? In my opinion no. They are both very effective and memorable speakers who beautifully connect with their material and leave a lasting impression on those who hear them speak.

My point is don't worry about finding your public speaking "style". Worry about connecting to your material and revealing your personality to the audience through the presentation. That will be infinitely more effective and memorable than trying to speak or present in a certain way and your audience will notice the difference.

Remember, life is too short to give bad speeches.


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