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Alright so today we are going to switch gears off of public speaking class, and instead take a look at another situation that also causes people anxiety the way presentations often do... Interviews. Now whether it be for a job, school, or promotion, interviews often carry the potential to change your life in some way, either big or small (often big) and for that reason can cause anxiety and fear for many people the same way public speaking does. Well I have come up with 5 things to remember going into an interview which will help boost your confidence and help you make the best impression on the interviewer. Check them out below!

-Avoid using too much “we” not enough “I” when talking about your accomplishments

-Now you don't want to sound cocky but at the same time you need to take credit for things that potentially separate you from other candidates. If you were responsible for a team that managed to accomplish something great, then talk about the fantastic team you had around you but be sure to show how YOU personally helped to make that breakthrough happen. It is very important to give credit where credit is due but just be sure to give that credit to yourself when you deserve it. It's an interview, talking about yourself is what you're there for

-Be Specific

-Avoid saying things like “I’m a real team player” unless you have a specific example to give. Everyone that has been interviewed in the history of time has said they are a team player at some point. It's played out.


-You have specific stories you can tell that back it up in the moment. Did you trade shifts with someone for a few month so they could pick up their kids on time from summer camp even though it caused you inconvenience? Then tell that story (as humbly as possible) and let them work out the team player part on their own, don't just list standard things you think they want to hear when they ask you about your strengths, its BORING.

-Backdoor Positive

-Now this is a term I came up with myself while interview coaching long ago.

-The idea being that when asked about "weaknesses" or "areas you need to improve" that you should be honest but bring it back around to be something you are learning from , not just a "weakness"

-Your weaknesses are not just something you suck at, they are things you are learning from and working on every day.

-They may be classified as weaknesses, but they need to sound like the things that give you strength because they lift you up and teach you things.

-Don’t be afraid to be honest about what your weaknesses are as long as they are something you are learning from.

-Expand on ideas

-When asked where you see yourself in 5-10 years don’t just list a job title. Talk about the changes you see happening in your life because of that job title.

-That let’s the interviewer see who you are and what is important to you which is a good thing.

-Laugh and have fun.

-Be professional but just have fun with the interviewer! Everyone who is being interviewed and seriously considered for whatever it is you are being interviewed for is going to be smart.

-The person who can couple those smarts with the ability to make people enjoy being around him/her is who will get the job!

Hopefully this will help and give you a little to think about and help with your next interview! Or feel free to share these tips with anyone who has an interview coming up that they may feel nervous about or not ready for! And remember, life is too short to give bad speeches (or bomb interviews).


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